PT Usaha Pangan Sejahtera

Welcome to PT Usaha Pangan Sejahtera. We are a company that stood since 2000 engaged in industrial Instant Food, Packaged Foods, Makaroni Goreng, Soun Bakso Gajah, Bihun Jagung, Dried Noodle. We were in JL. Piere Tendean 43 Tulungagung 66212, Jawa Timur. Discover the variety of our best products (Makanan Dan Minuman, Soun Bihun Jagung, Makroni Goreng, Bihun jagung cap gajah, Bihun Jagung 89, Bihun Jagung) with quality and the best price you can get.

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JL. Piere Tendean 43 Tulungagung 66212, Jawa Timur Tulungagung
Jawa Timur , Indonesia

PT Usaha Pangan Sejahtera

PT Sejahtera Food Enterprises
Our company manufactures glass noodles, corn noodles, fried raw makroni.
Opportunities for food distributors outside the city / island to market our produk2.
Which can be contacted by phone no: 08123404840


Makanan Dan Minuman,Soun Bihun Jagung,Makroni Goreng,Bihun jagung cap gajah,Bihun Jagung 89,Bihun Jagung


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